#2 Roleplay Recap: For Tiffany, Uni, and Gracie

27 November 2016

Gray Pierce, which User:UniPacific16 owns and plays and Sora Andrews, which User:Mrs. Gasoline owns and plays, met for the first time. Sora was guarding the hallways while Gray was in the Springsville Hall, which caused her to investigate. Because of Sora thinking that Gray was a demon, she brought out her seraph blade and slightly threatened him. The demon in Gray's body reacted negatively to this, with angry thoughts penetrating Gray's mind on how to kill Sora for insulting him. However, Sora said that it was not a threat, and instead was a warning. They engaged in banter for minutes, with the banter including Gray insulting Sora's slayerhood and Sora insulted Gray's abilities\the demon inside him.