Roleplay Recap 2 (Offical Plot)

Aria and Eui-Tae were talking about dramas while Aiyana met her long lost brother. Aiyana's brother asked if the school was alright and trusted, she said she was alright and then the bell rang. Aria went to a History class and assumed it was her class, but it wasn't. She saw strange letters written on the board but shrugged it off because she thought she was still tired. She ran to Art class where Aiyana and Hyo were at because they had the same class. The teacher told them to draw whatever they felt like, but make sure it's emotional. Aria drew a cloud raining knives which wasn't the best drawing, while Aiyana drew a small girl in the middle of lots of big buildings, and Hyo quickly drew "a half ass drawing of boxing gloves'. After this it timeskipped after school. Eui-Tae wanted to bring Aria to a coffee place while Aiyana and Audrey met each other outside of the school. 

(I couldn't copy and paste anything because my computer shut off and I lost the dialoge, I'm sorry /.\)