Roleplay Recap 4 (Offical Plot) Pt 2

"Aria!" Livia yelled, looking around the coffee shop in annoyance. She was a metamorphagus, right? She asked herself.

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7:33 GracieLazyCrazy2115 When a waitress went to the two's table, Aria asked for straight coffee with no creamer or anything, the waitress couldn't hear her well so she had to say it three or four times. After ordering, she questioned herself and wondered why she was so quiet.

7:35 XMysticFennecX Hyo was sitting two tables away, listening in to the conversation. There was something going on with her. Eui-Tae noticed it too. Once the waiter was gone, he asked "What's up with you..? You're acting strange."


GracieLazyCrazy2115 "You've only known me for about a day. I'm usually this way, I don't like talking to people I don't know." She replied tiredly, looking around the cafe once more to see if she saw anything again.


XMysticFennecX "But I doubt you're usually spazzing out and falling asleep while walking. You can talk to me, you know.!" Eui-Tae replied, worried.

7:39 GracieLazyCrazy2115 "I just got to America two days ago, a lot of jet lag because I was in Korea. That and I only got an hour or two of sleep, so that's why.." She replied, not wanting to tell him about the stuff she kept seeing or hearing.

7:41 XMysticFennecX "So you're constantly looking around a coffee shop, at nothing, because of jet lag? Or do they do that in Korea.?" Hyo slightly laughed from the other table at the mention of his home country. 7:44

7:45 GracieLazyCrazy2115 "No.. I'm just not feeling well I guess. But besides me being sleep deprived, why are we here exactly..?" Aria replied, then looking behind Eui-Tae and noticed the mint haired boy laughing. For a moment she thought he might be eavesdropping on their conversation, but shrugged off that thought knowing she could just be overthinking the situation.

7:47 XMysticFennecX "What do you mean by not feeling well..? And I already told you why we were here." He pointed out. Hyo glanced at the two and shook his head, deciding to go back to his phone. The bell to the little cafe rang.

7:51 GracieLazyCrazy2115 "I don't know honestly. And most likely I was half asleep, so please enlighten me on why we're actually here." Aria replied, knowing there was another reason why the two were there. She was very sure that someone she just met that day would just ask to go somewhere for no reason.

7:54 XMysticFennecX "How do you not know..? And I noticed you were walking around like the living dead, so I thought some coffee might perk you up." He explained, then paused. He knew everyone in the school had powers.. Maybe her's were malfunctioning..? "Maybe your abilities are messing up..? Or you overworked them..?" He offered. Aiyana walked into the cafe, smiling. She heard the small place sold cake topped with strawberries.. Her two favorite things.

8:01 GracieLazyCrazy2115 Aria raised her eyebrow in confusion. "What do you mean by abilities?" Aria asked, she started thinking he might be the insane one here or she's just taking what he said weirdly. Surely she doesn't have any abilities besides the ability to annoy people to death. "And I don't think I was walking around like the living dead. Sure I'm tired but I wasn't terrible." Or was she? She did remember falling asleep throughout the day.

8:05 XMysticFennecX "What do you think I mean by abilities? The only way you were able to get into this school, duh." He laughed at what he thought was a joke, while Hyo raised his eyebrows. This girl didn't know about her abilities..? Aiyana spotted Hyo and froze. What was he doing here..? As if feeling her eyes on him, he turned and stared her in the eyes. After a pause, he smirked, then waved sweetly.

GracieLazyCrazy2115 As Aria was walking out, she stared at the auburn-orange haired male and thought he was just kidding, and she might have been seeing things when she saw the creamer move. Was she insane or was he insane?

6:05 XMysticFennecX Eui-Tae turned around and smiled, then gesturing to the side with his head. "Follow me. I want to show you something." He said with a smile.

XMysticFennecX Hyo flew above the trees, cloaked in invisibility. The dragons needed it to survive going extinct, to stay out of the sight of humans who had, once upon a time, wanted to hunt them down. All you could see of Hyo was a distortion of the things behind him. He flapped his powerful, icy blue, scaly wings and peered in and out of his heat seeking vision, looking for some sign of Aiyana.

6:09 GracieLazyCrazy2115 Aria wanted to slap someone deep down, but she had to be nice. "Will it be quick..? Honestly, I want to get some sleep and then I have to do homework too." She replied, still having a bit of energy from the coffee she had.

6:14 XMysticFennecX "Who knows? I think it will answer the question you're still on the fence about." He said pointedly, shrugging his shoulders. It would show her what she was seeing is real.

XMyticFennecX Hyo spotted something, finally. It was a large heat signature in the woods, too large to be a sleeping animal, too small to be a Grizzly. Just the right size to be Aiyana.

6:22 GracieLazyCrazy2115 Aria sighed and nodded, and then went to follow him. "If you're actually some murderer trying to lure me to a secluded place to kill me and do worse, you're going to hell." She replied, but in Korean. Whether he knew Korean or not was the question. If he didn't hear it would be fine to her because she doesn't like people hearing her when she's in a bad mood.

6:27 XMysticFennecX Eui-Tae laughed. "If I were going to do that, I could have done it a long time ago." He admits, then backs in the direction of the place. "Come on!"

XMysticFennecX Hyo dived into the clearing nearest to the heat signature, then turned human again. He looked around, eyebrows furrowed, then spotted her on the forest floor. "Aiyana..!' He ran over and knelt beside her. She was out cold. "Damnit.." He muttered under his breath, eyes narrowing. He pulled her into a sitting position and she groaned painfully. "Don't use that tone on me, you brought this on yourself.." He muttered, pulling her onto his back as carefully as he could, as to not hurt her any more.

6:33 GracieLazyCrazy2115 Aria raised her eyebrow when he said he "could have done it a long time ago". "What's that supposed to mean? Are these signs of a murderer or something?" She replied while running with him, remembering a drama with a murderer with a similar case.

6:36 XMysticFennecX "Yeah, I'm definitely a murderer. Straight out of Another. Just wait until I rip out your fingernails with rust pliers." He said with a laugh and an eye roll as he continued. He took a right into a small neighborhood, which rounded in a circle type thing. After glancing around, he ran between two of the houses and into the woods that grew in the backyard.

6:40 GracieLazyCrazy2115 "Honestly I wouldn't be surprised, this looks like a place where you bury dead bodies!" Aria replied, this time in Korean so if anyone heard her they wouldn't think they'd be going insane. Seeing the woods and actually questioning if he was insane or not.

6:49 XMysticFennecX He began to walk into them, then paused. "These trees get pretty dense.." He held out his hand to her with a mischievous smirk. "I need to make sure you don't get lost."

XMysticFennecX Hyo paused, thinking of the fastest way possible to get her back to the dorms. He took her small frame off his shoulders, laying her down flat on the ground. She winced, but Hyo shifted into a dragon again. He flapped his wings, as to hover in the air, before softly picking her up in his claws, holding her close to his chest. He flew higher and higher, activating his cloak once past the canopy.

6:57 GracieLazyCrazy2115 "Yeah, sure. You're probably too scared to walk here alone" She said, smirking a bit but taking his hand anyway. She looked around, seeing it got darker once they got deeper into the woods.

7:04 XMysticFennecX Eui-Tae kept going. They walked for another five minutes, hand in hand, before he got to a small pond. He continued around the pond, to the other side, then stopped under it with a smile. He looked at it warmly.

XMysticFennecX Hyo made his way back to the Institute, going as fast as he could. The cloak might have protected him, but it did no good for Aiyana. Only when the entered the school's barrier did he slow down.

GracieLazyCrazy2115 Aria raised her eyebrow, wondering why he took her there and looked at the pond, questioning him. "Why'd you take me to a pond..?" Aria asked, questioning why they were at a pond. Was he going to drown her? Maybe he actually needed help?

7:26 XMysticFennecX "Just watch." He said, smiling, never averting his gaze from the tree. He began to whistle a low tune, which gradually got higher, the notes melodically flowing. Leaved on the tree started to glow an array of colors. Most were some shade of blue, but some were orange, some were green, while others were pink. The leaves started falling off the tree and, the closer they fell, you could see they weren't leaves. They were Willow Spirits. Just before each of them hit the ground, they quickly moved into action, flying into the sky and around the two, while a large grin was on Eui-Tae's face.

XMysticFennecX Hyo made it to behind the boy's dorms. He didn't know where her dormroom was, so he would take her to his. He landed on his back feet, then shifted back into a human, Aiyana held in his arms. He looked at her sleeping face, then shook his head. "Idiot.." He said in Korean. 7:27

7:33 GracieLazyCrazy2115 Aria was in shock when she saw the "leaves" fall. She stared at the colorful "leaves" but when they got closer and circled the two, she realized that they weren't leaves, but a certain creature. Maybe they were spirits? She didn't know, but they were beautiful to her. She stared at the miraculous colors go around them in amazement. ",,Is this real?" She asked, still amazed while looking at the colorful "leaves". 7:39 XMysticFennecX "Yes, it's real. " He looked at her with a gleaming smile, then gently grabbed one that what floating past. He cupped it in his hands and held it out to Aria. It was a light pink, and it kind of looked like the spirits seen in Brave. "You can hold it, you can touch it. It is real." Hyo pushed the dorm door open with his back, then jogged upstairs, careful not to jostle Aiyana. After walking down a hallway, he awkwardly bent down to open his door with one hand, then stepping inside and pushing it closed with his foot. Hyo's room had a single queen size bed in it, which he gently laid Aiyana on. 7:46 GracieLazyCrazy2115 Aria stared at it in shock. She slowly put her hand near the spirit, very lightly touching the light pink spirit. It felt like nothing, just air. "..Was there something you put in the coffee we had earlier..?" She asked, looking at her hand after touching the small spirit.

7:51 XMysticFennecX "If there were, you wouldn't be able to touch it." He paused. "This is real, Aria, like it or not. You have powers. WE have powers." He said seriously. "Do you believe me now..?"

7:57 GracieLazyCrazy2115 "I don't know. Maybe? The whole situation seems ridiculous but it seems real at the same time. I need to just think about it." Aria replied, still staring at her hand.

8:08 XMysticFennecX "Okay. Well, we need to get back to make curfew." He decided, smiling. Hyo sighed and sat in his armchair, watching her. He shouldn't have been so careful with her.. I mean, she was so ungrateful for what her brother did for her! But, nonetheless, he didn't want to hurt her anymore. And he didn't know why. He leaned forward, placing his elbows on his knees. He rubbed the back of his neck with an annoyed look on his face.

Aria nodded, and then looked around. "How exactly do we get out of here? We're surrounded by trees.." Aria replied, watching the spirits disappear. 8:23 XMysticFennecX "One of them will lead us there." He said, one little orange one already floating away. He started after it, happy.

8:25 GracieLazyCrazy2115 "Wait for me gosh!" Aria replied, running after the auburn haired boy. (TIMESKIP)

GracieLazyCrazy2115 Aria slowly woke up, checking the clock she noticed it was two thirty pm. She quickly got up and thought she slept the whole day when she was supposed to be at school, but remembered it was the weekend. She sighed and decided she could unpack and get coffee.

8:36 UniPacific16 Even though Renee was meant to be babysitting her, Summer was off by herself, walking around the school, at the age of 18

8:38 GracieLazyCrazy2115 After unpacking, she found her laptop, charger, and headphones. She smiled and decided to set up her computer on her desk. After setting up her computer, she quickly changed into a sweater and jeans and went to go get coffee.

8:39 XMysticFennecX Aiyana drowsily opened one eye with a groan. There was a throbbing ache in her side and she hissed in pain. She struggled to sit up and, once she did, looked around the room. Her eyes landed on Hyo, slumped in a chair, passed out.

GracieLazyCrazy2115 Aria started walking to the coffee shop that Eui-Tae took her to, remembering all of the events that happened yesterday. Aria started to wonder if Eui-Tae was an elf, what was she? What was Aiyana? As these thoughts started going through her head she decided to try not to think about it and listen to music. She put in her earphones and listened to K-pop songs.

9:00 UniPacific16 Summer saw Aria and an idea popped into her head. She slowly made her way over to Aria, hoping that Renee wouldn't just appear out of nowhere and stop her plan

9:05 GracieLazyCrazy2115

Aria noticed a tall blonde girl walking near her, she just woke up and wasn't in the mood to try and talk to someone so she continued going her way, avoiding the tall blonde as much as possible.

9:09 UniPacific16 Summer smiled when she saw Aria try to avoid her, getting closer to Aria. "Hey, I'm Summer."