Roleplay Recap 5 Offical Plot pt 2

  • Aria noticed Eui-Tae running from a squirrel attacking him, and ended up in a grocery store. Letting the curiosity get the best of her, she decided to follow him inside the store to see his reaction and see why he ran. Once she got to the store, she asked why he was there, and he simply replied with "wanting to purchase apples". Knowing his true reason, she decided to ask why he went all the way to a store just to get apples. He nervously replied saying the store closest to their school wasn't safe and it had health code violations when to Aria the store looked fine. They picked up apples and left the store.

  • Aiyana, on the other hand, woke up being injured in Hyo's dorm room. He asked if she was alright and he felt her ribs to make sure nothing was fractured and gave her clothes to change in. When she went to his bathroom to change, she looked at the place she was injured and noticed there were purple bruises on her side and rib cage. After changing, she walked out and thanked him. Then going outside to transform into a cat to sunbathe on the campus.

After an hour or two, she heard Aria and Eui-Tae's voices and decided to go see them. When she walked over to them
  • When she walked over to them she went to Aria's leg and nuzzled against her calf. Aria and Eui-Tae questioned who's cat it was. Student's weren't allowed to have pets, so it couldn't be someone's cat. Aria thought it was a stray, but Eui-Tae told her the cat couldn't get through the gates.

  •  After this, the speakers in the school turned on and told the students to go to the auditorium. Aria and Eui-Tae was confused why they had to go there so suddenly, but they followed the orange cat to the auditorium. Once they got there, they found out that there was going to be a homecoming.