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• 8/23/2017

Roleplay Recap 7 (Offical Plot) pt 2


Aiyana stuck out her tongue at him and turned back to the bag. She opened it with closed eyes and felt around inside, before pulling the gift out. After a few seconds of her eyes being squeezed tight, she opened them to something elegant. She was holding up the top half of what seemed to be a dress. She pulled the bag off the rest of it and gasped. It was beautiful. Intricate, golden designs were sewn into the top of the gown, and a bit under a small white belt-like bow sitting on the waist. The dress billowed down in layers of sheer fabric, with even more of the designs at the very bottom. The short, Asian girl was absolutely stunned.

XMysticFennecX "It's a surprise!! And don't feel bad, you're new here and don't know the ground rules. I get it." He said with a laugh as he stepped inside. One side of her room was untouched, a full sized bed pushed into the corner with a nightstand beside it. Aria's side was, well, lived in. It looked like a normal, everyday teenager's room. Which is a lot to say for a school of supernatural, freaky kids.

10:35 GracieLazyCrazy2115

Aria nodded and smiled. When he walked in she noticed that she had posters of male K-Pop groups she loved on her wall. She quickly forgot about them and her face turned red. "..That's nothing ignore that please." She said quickly, realizing her mistake.

10:39 XMysticFennecX "I'll ignore them if you ignore the fact that I have manga girls plastered on my walls. Oops, did I say that out loud?" He says, then winks at her. Eui-Tae plops himself onto the other bed in the room, then makes a hurrying motion with his hands. "Come on, open it, open it.!"

10:43 GracieLazyCrazy2115 Hyo was smiling at her reaction to the dress. She looked stunned and surprised. He loved her reaction and her smile when she saw it. He then realized what he was thinking and shook his head. "I assume that's for the homecoming party on Saturday. You can probably try it on in case it doesn't fit you or anything. If not you can probably go to a store or something." He told her, quickly hiding the gummy smile on his face.

10:46 XMysticFennecX Aiyana nods with her own grin, having not noticed Hyo's. "Alright. You gotta tell me if it fits or not though, so stay here!!" Aiyana says and runs to the bathroom, failing to notice the accessories in the bag. She was somewhat excited to show Hyo how she looked in the dress, though she didn't know why. Maybe it was because he was her date to homecoming, after all.

10:49 GracieLazyCrazy2115

"Okay good, we're both terrible people." She said, face still red from the fact he saw the posters. She grabbed the bags and sat down on her chair near her laptop which had a drama paused. She opened one bag and saw a purple material. She raised her eyebrow when she took it out. She gasped and smiled when she saw the lavender dress. It was a simple lavender dress with a lavender bow on the short puffed sleeves. When she fully pulled out the dress there was a darker shade of ruffles cascading at an angle, along with white ruffles going down the same way. "Wow.. It's a beautiful dress.. How much was it? I can pay you back if you'd like." She put the dress down gently on her bed and grabbed her wallet from her desk, pulling out money.

10:56 XMysticFennecX "It was the cost of you guaranteed going to homecoming with this dress. That's all you need to know, no backing out now." He said with a big smile and a laugh. He loved the fact that she was so awed with the dress, and he caught himself staring at her back. He quickly snapped out of it and got up. "Well, go, try it on!! I need to make sure it fits."

10:56 GracieLazyCrazy2115 Hyo smiled again when she left to the bathroom to change. Her smile was adorable to him and her excitement when she received the dress. After realizing what he was thinking he hit himself in the head remembering the whole reason he was here at this school, but a small part of him was really happy that he was going to homecoming with her. He noticed she forgot the accessories which weren't surprising to him considering how forgetful she can be.

10:59 XMysticFennecX Aiyana, painfully with her bruises, got herself into the dress. She used a wire coathanger she found in the bathroom to help zip he back up. She glanced at the mirror for a moment, grinned and made a small excited squeal. She hopped up and down then composed herself, taking a breath, then walking out of the bathroom. Despite her best efforts, a smile still stood strong on her face.

11:00 GracieLazyCrazy2115 "Really..? Are you sure? It looks really expensive, I can at least pay half." She replied, wallet still in her hand. She felt bad that he bought it for her because the bag looked like one of the high-end brands in America. When Aiyana walked out of the bathroom from changing, he saw her and she looked beautiful. His jaw practically dropped when she saw her, but quickly snapped out of it. "So it fits? And is your side okay?" He asked, regaining his normal self quickly, hoping she didn't see his reaction when she walked out.

11:04 XMysticFennecX "Yes, I'm sure. And I told you not to worry about the price!! Consider it a bribe, if you hadn't made up your mind about homecoming yet." It was a bit pricy, but there was no way Eui-Tae was going to let her know that. "Goo, I'm dying to see if it fits! I hope my guessing skills were correct!"

11:10 GracieLazyCrazy2115 "Alright! Alright! Thank you though." She replied, she carefully picked up the dress and went to her bathroom to go change. She quickly but carefully put on the dress and tried her best to zip it up. After a few tries, she managed to fully zip it up and it fit her perfectly. She twirled around in the mirror and smiled, looking at the dress one more time before opening the door. She opened the door and walked back to her desk. "It fits actually, I'm surprised you guessed it." She said, looking down at the ruffles of the dress.

11:13 XMysticFennecX Aiyana's smile widened and she nodded happily. She spun in it , which pained her side, but she didn't care. She felt as if she were a princess, which she could be considered one. Technically, since she was the baby sister of a gang leader, she was sort of their princess in a way. Aiyana giggled, which she almost never did, in excitement. "I love it so much!! It fits perfectly, and I'll deal with my side for this!!"

XMysticFennecX Eui-Tae's breath caught in his throat when he saw Aria. Thankfully, she was busying herself with the ruffles of her dress to notice his blush. He quickly vanquished it and gave a handful of exaggerated claps. "Bravo!! Magnificent!! Beautiful!! Wow factor!!" He applauded with a very large smile. He got up off of the bed and walked up to her with his bag, which he normally kept his manga in, his smile smaller now. "Time for the smaller surprise. Hold out your hand."

11:21 GracieLazyCrazy2115 Hyo laughed at her. "Alright, but be careful, you'll probably end up breaking a bone knowing how clumsy you are." He said, smirking. He then got up and took out a matching necklace, hair clip, and shoes. "You also forgot these. Try on the shoes so we know they fit. You also have a hair clip and a necklace." He told her, giving her the rest of the items she forgot.

11:23 GracieLazyCrazy2115 Aria blushed a little with the compliments he gave her. She then raised her eyebrow when she told her about a "smaller surprise". "What is it..? A manga?" She asked, seeing the bag he kept his manga in with him. She then nodded and held out her hand. GracieLazyCrazy2115

Hyo laughed at her. "Alright, but be careful, you'll probably end up breaking a bone knowing how clumsy you are." He said, smirking. He then got up and took out a matching necklace, headband, and shoes. "You also forgot these. Try on the shoes so we know they fit. You also have a headband and a necklace." He told her, giving her the rest of the items she forgot.

11:36 XMysticFennecX Eui-Tae pulled the bag over to his side and took out a small, clear box. Inside was an arrangement of small, frail looking flowers. A corsage. He took it out of the box and sld it onto her hand, stretching the elastic over easily. He looked at her, his head down, with a small smile. "Wouldn't count if there was no corsage, right?"

11:40 GracieLazyCrazy2115 Aria raised her eyebrow, being from Korea she didn't know what it was. "..What is a corsage?" She asked, confused from what it was. She didn't know what it was but this "corsage" was beautiful to her.

11:51 XMysticFennecX Aiyana laughed at him, too happy to care about his teasings. "If I fall, you have to catch me, Mr. Bodyguard!" She stated, running over and taking the things from him. The shoes were gorgeous. They, too, had intricate designs all over them and were gold. The headband was more of a tiara, with a gold netting as a backdrop to beautiful opal stones. The necklace was simple, yet pretty. It was golden wings on a golden chain, an opal stone setting in the middle. Lastly, something Hyo didn't notice, was a small delicate looking ring with, you guessed it, opals. These gems, however, had a specific iridescence to them that was hard to explain. Aiyana was completely taken aback by all of this. "Bunched flowers worn to significant events. Like homecoming." Eui-Tae smiles sweetly. It was common in America for them to be worn to proms, homecomings, and baby showers. They were usually given by the date, but Eui-Tae would spare Aria that part.

11:58 GracieLazyCrazy2115 Hyo rolled his eyes, seeing that she was acting like she was five made him smile a little bit. He noticed the opals and wondered where they came from, but assumed her brother sent them to her. "If you fall your brother would kill me if I didn't catch you, so of course." He replied, watching her stare at the accessories she got.


"Oh, okay. I was confused because in Korea my sister never had that when she went to parties or events." She replied, still staring at the corsage on her wrist. "It's really pretty though. Thank you." She told him, still staring at the flowers.

12:05 XMysticFennecX Aiyana smiled and slipped the ring on, it fit. Ki-Young must have gotten her measurements from Papa.. She sat the shoes on the floor and slipped her feet into them. They fit nicely, thankfully. They added some to her height, but Hyo was still a good five or six inches taller than her. Aiyana put the tiara on, the ends slipping into the loose hairs of her low messy bun. Finally, the necklace. She lifted it up and tried to latch it around her neck, but couldn't. "Help Hyoooo." Aiyana whined, she wanted to get it on badly.

12:08 GracieLazyCrazy2115 "Can't you wait until Saturday? We aren't going right now." He told her, sighing because he knows she's going to keep asking. He looked at her and she had a determined look on her face, trying to get the necklace on.

12:08 XMysticFennecX Eui-Tae nodded. "Anytime. So, question.. Why don't you have a roommate?" He asked, laughing to change the subject. He tried not to look at her much, because if he did, he would inevitably stare. So, he averted his gaze to the other side of the room.

XMysticFennecX "But I won't get the full effect of it all unless I have the necklace on!" Aiyana stated pointedly. The necklace was really pretty, but she didn't entirely get how the wings fit into her outfit. She thought if she tried it on, something would click and she would understand.

12:14 GracieLazyCrazy2115 Hyo sighed and held out his hand. "Give me the necklace because you're going to keep complaining if I don't help you." He said, wanting to smile from what she was saying but couldn't. "I don't know exactly, I guess I got lucky? Although I overheard someone say that they had no roommate last year but people took her room so she had to go to someone else's dorm." She replied, honestly hoping she didn't have to share or move out of her dorm.

12:17 XMysticFennecX Aiyana happily handed over the necklace to him, then held her messy bun off of her neck to make it easier. She was rather smug, winning the small battle between her and Hyo. Eui-Tae raised his eyebrows. "Really? I guess they move students around alot at the beginning of the year.. This school is always so prepared, I would have never thought that they'd have to change things." He admits and chances a glance at her.

12:25 GracieLazyCrazy2115 While Aiyana was turned around, he smiled at her reaction once more. He carefully put the necklace around her neck and put the clipped it together. "There, are you happy, Aiyana?" He asked her, assuming she was smiling at her "mini victory". In all honesty, he wouldn't have helped with the necklace but seeing it made her happy he did. He didn't know why he did but he did. Aria shrugged. "I don't know, but I hope I don't have to move dorms or anything. I really like having my own room, it's less crowded and it's quiet." She replied, remembering Yoona singing songs very loudly and learning Kpop dances all the time, sometimes getting her to learn the dance with her.

12:29 XMysticFennecX Aiyana stepped forward, making a gold design on her back visible. They were two complicatedly woven, golden wings that stretched past the belt. She turned around to face Hyo with a smile. "Very. So, how does it look?" She asked and picked up the skirt a bit, looking down at herself, then back at Hyo.

Eui-Tae spoke. "Look at the positives; you can both cover food costs! Granted that they're not a pig, but still! And it's another opportunity to make a new friend. Who could introduce you to more people. And what is they have the same interests as you?? You never know what could happen!"

12:35 GracieLazyCrazy2115 "I doubt anyone in this school likes groups of Korean men who are in a Kpop group." She replied to him, glancing at the posters and remembering he saw them. Then realizing what she said. She forgot she was talking to someone she didn't know as well like she was talking to a close friend or a family member. "..Forget what I just said, please." She told him, realizing her inner fangirl came out.

"It looks fine." He told the short girl. He wanted to tell her that she looked amazing for some reason, but he didn't know why. "Before your clumsy self trips and ruins the dress, you should put everything away and wait until Saturday to put everything on again." He told her, looking away at the empty side of the room so he doesn't end up staring at her too long.

12:40 XMysticFennecX Eui-Tae chuckles at her embarrassment. "With as many people in this school, there's bound to be one or two at least. Think positive!" He tried to lighten her view on the situation. Aiyana pouts, but says "Fine, fine. I'll take it all off." She dramatically sniffles. "But I'm at least keeping on the ring!" She states. Before Hyo can say anything else, she's already in the bathroom changing.

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