Roleplay Recap 10 (Offical Plot) Pt 1

 It was a casual at school. Aria was still upset about Aiyana bringing the dog and cat to live with them. Once she got home she quickly changed into comfortable clothes to study in and immediately started doing her homework.

  Once Aiyana got back to her dorm, she immediately went to the bathroom to change and get ready for homecoming. She stepped out of the bathroom in her dress and asked Aria why she wasn't getting ready, and she actually forgot about it. She quickly grabbed the dress Eui-Tae got her from her closet and changed. She walked out of the bathroom and put on flats. Once she walked out, she continued doing her work. 

  An hour later, Aiyana finished getting ready, while Aiyana was on her bed, starting to fall asleep. For some reason, Aiyana couldn't find her charger. She asked if Aria knew where it went. Aria said she didn't, but offered her charger for Aiyana to use. Aiyana gladly took the offer and plugged in her charger, waiting for Hyo to arrive. 

   Aria was quickly asleep on her bed, not having any coffee or anything to keep her up. Hyo was at the door, talking to Aiyana about her dog when it went by to check if he was an intruder or not. A few minutes later, Eui-Tae arrived and they moved for him so he can greet Aria. Eui-Tae noticed she was asleep and decided to mess around a bit by tugging a few strands of her hair. Aria quickly woke up and glared at him, getting up to grab an old purse she never used to stuff her hoodie in. She didn't want to wear the dress all night, as she was already wearing jeans under her dress. After the four got ready, they all headed to the gymnasium.