Roleplay Recap 11 (Offical Plot) Pt 2

Aiyana walked through the big gymnasium, smiling. Cream colored sheets were hung from the ceiling, making it look as if they were actually walls when they just covered the bleachers at the sides of the room. They brought in a chandelier that was strung in the very middle of the room, it's crystals casting various rainbows throughout the large space. Tables that sat four people a piece were lined along the sides of the gym, leaving the middle of it open for dance. And the dance floor was filled with people. At the stage in front of the gym various people would come and play a couple of songs, then leave, allowing the next act to come up. But these were not done all night. A DJ was set up after the people finished their performances, and said DJ would take requests from the crowd of teens.

Eui-Tae walked in with Aria behind Aiyana and Hyo, looking around at all the people. "Wow.. There's almost no space on the dance floor. At all."



Aria looked around, admiring the decorations. She looked around and noticed the chandelier, feeling like it was going to fall or something from watching too many dramas. She noticed a few people sitting in a corner, wearing all black suits. For some reason, they seemed odd to her, their clothes not fitting the theme at all. "There's a lot of students here so it'd make sense," she replied, following the group as close as possible so she wouldn't get lost.



Aiyana made a bee line to one of the only free tables, sitting down with a smile. She looked around, taking in everything. "Wow, this place doesn't look like a Gym at all..!"



"You can tell if you look at the walls, they used a lot of material to cover the walls," he replied, sitting down next to her. He looked around, also noticing the people in the back wearing black suits. Raising his eyebrow in confusion, wondering if they were new student's or not.

Aria followed her to the table, sitting down on the other side. She looked around, noticing the dark figure with red eyes again. She quickly blinked, and the strange figure was gone. She also noticed all the people there, looking down at the table to try to ignore everyone.



"But the fact that they were able to dress it up so nicely.." Aiyana's sentence trailed off as she spotted the black and white woman again, her ruby eyes glimmering. A couple walked in front of Aiyana, and once they passed, the woman was gone in the blink of an eye. She looked at Hyo. "I wonder if they will serve food here." She asked aloud, choosing to ignore what she saw.

Eui-Tae sat next to Aria, seeing her awkward position and feeling guilty because he kind of made her come. Nonetheless, they were already here, so they'd better make the best of it.



"Knowing your luck they probably won't." he said, half paying attention to what Aiyana said, still eyeing the suspicious men in the corner. He didn't know if he was just assuming things but had a feeling they were trouble.



Aiyana pouted. "How could they host a party without food! Finger foods, at the least!" She complained, shaking her head in disappointment at the school.



Aria quietly laughed at her sudden outburst, looking up. "They might have drinks if that's any help." She replied, trying to lighten her sister's mood a little.



"But it's not the same! Why cant they have tiny wieners on toothpicks or something..?" She said with a sigh, when she spotted something. Or someone. It was a waiter, carrying glasses of a clear, off white liquid. She got up with a smile. "I'll go ask him..!" 

Eui-Tae laughed along with Aiyana. "Do you think they're gonna have a Queen and King..? Didn't we vote on Tuesday..?" He wondered aloud, looking at Aria.



"What is this, the election?" She asked, questioning why people voted for foolish things like a Queen and King for homecomings. "Alright," she replied, checking through her bag to look for her phone, only to realize it wasn't there. She was sure she packed it with her, so why was it gone?



Eui-Tae shrugged with a smile. "I guess it is. Or the coronation, in a way?" He suggested, furrowing his eyebrows.

Aiyana started making her way to the waiter, pushing through the people. He was on the other side of the gym talking to a table of students. She finally made it across after somehow pushing her way through the crowd of teenagers, and walked up to the waiter. "Hello, I was going to ask if, by any chance, the school was serving any food tonight..?" While she was talking, she heard the music stop in the background and a voice begin talking, but she didn't listen to what the voice was saying.



"It's really weird, but whatever works," she replied, hearing a voice. She then stayed silent to listen to it. 



"No ma'am we aren't serving any foods due to allergies of students." Thee explained and then walked off. Aiyana huffed, her cheeks puffed out, then turned to look at the person on stage. It was the School's principal. "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I've come here tonight to announce this year's homecoming queen and king!" They said with a grin. As this was said, two of the guys in Tuxedos blocked the exit and entrance of the gym, standing in front of the double doors. The principal continued. "First, our school's homecoming queen is.." He paused to look at the card in his hand. "Synthia Lidell!!" He said with a smile. A girl in a light pink cocktail dress quickly ran to the stage, a big grin on her face as she climbed the steps. One of the teachers put a crown on her and turned her towards the audience. The girl practically radiated happiness. "Next up, our homecoming king is.. Kiley Matthews!" He said, never having heard the name before but not faltering. The male was already at

the steps and making his way up. He took off his black fedora and leaned down for the teacher to put a crown on his head, smiling. He turned to the audience, his head slightly cocked to the side. "Give it up for the King and Queen!" The principal exclaimed, and the crowd roared even though they had no idea who the king was. The enthusiasm of the night fueled their yells, which would soon turn to screams of terror. "Now, a word from our King." The principal said. The King had set down his hat, then took the microphone. "Good evening, students. I have only a few things to say. I am deeply touched that you have chosen me. Honored, really. I didn't know a bunch of freaks could be so kind, truly. Good luck.!" He finished. Before the cround could comprehend what was happening, he turned to Synthia. The Queen was already looking towards him, her eyebrows furrowed in confusion. The king dropped the mic, causing a loud noise to vibrate through the room and, in the same motion, take a pistol out

of his waistband. He aimed it at Synthia, his smile breaking into a grin, and fired a bullet into her forehead.



In shock, Aria couldn't comprehend what was just in front of her. A man just shot someone and she witnessed a murder. Not knowing what to do, she panicked and looked around. Already noticing people were trying to stop the man.



The crowd erupted into screams. Kiley went behind the curtain and returned with an AK-47, then started firing rounds at the dance floor with a twisted grin on his face. Aiyana was shocked, her eyes then darting around. Her pulse was racing as she heard more rounds being fired from the back of the room, and she bit her lip nervously. She pushed through the wave of running and screaming students, her eyebrows furrowed and eyes wide.

Eui-Tae immetiately grabbed Aria's hand and pulled her out of the chair. "We have got to get out of here. Now." He said urgently and began to pull her to the makeshift curtain, lifting it up so she could slip through.



Once the guy shot the girl in the head, Hyo quickly got up, running to find Aiyana in this mess. He should have followed her when she went to go ask someone questions. After a minute or two, he finally found Aiyana in the crowd of students trying to get out of there and grabbed her wrist, as quickly as possible running out of the gymnasium.

Once the guy shot the girl in the head, Hyo quickly got up, running to find Aiyana in this mess. He should have followed her when she went to go ask someone questions. After a minute or two, he thought he found Aiyana, but it was another girl in a similar colored dress, he continued to look for her, worried that she might have been shot. He continued looking for her, trying his best to avoid being shot.



Aiyana got tired of the crowd and shifted. She shifted into a falcon, quickly flying above the people's heads to avoid being trampled to death. She looped around the chandelier once, trying to spot the murderer. He was still on stage, shooting anyone who tried to challenge him. Eventually, people stopped trying to get close to him for fear of being shot. He grinned cockily. "Are you all that scared? Huh?" He looked around the mass of screaming people before him, gunshots still ringing from him comrades. Aiyana took this moment to dive for his head and grasp his scalp with her talons. She furiously pecked at his eyes with her beak, screeching in a high pitched call.



Aria followed Eui-Tae, going through the curtain. The curtain led the two the bleachers which were covered by the beige sheets. She had her purse with her sweater still. She quickly opened it to look for her phone, this time checking thoroughly. Seeing it wasn't there, she closed the purse angrily and sighed. "Why don't I have the damn thing.." she muttered to herself in Korean. She looked around, seeing blood splatter on the sheets. She turned her head and then heard a screech like a bird was inside the gymnasium.



Eui-tae pulled her to the side of the bleachers, which were pulled out. He ushered Aria into the space between the wall and the seats, urging her to walk forward. "There should be an opening at the back that lets you go under the bleachers." He explained himself.



After looking for Aiyana, he noticed a Falcon flying above everyone, realizing it must have been Aiyana, he tried his best to avoid gunshots, keeping an eye on her at the same time when he noticed Aiyana attacking the murderer. "What the fuck is she doing?" he said to himself, trying to quickly figure out a way to make sure she doesn't get hurt or anything.



Aiyana heard one set of gunshots getting near her and she immediately turned human, on the ground behind the guy. She reached up and looped her arm around his neck, pulling him down into a chokehold and facing the footsteps. One of the gunmen had come to help his friend, and now had the two in his gun sights.



Hyo saw a gun that was aimed at Aiyana. He quickly shot something at the gun, the AK-47 falling to the ground as pieces of ice. He continued to shoot ice out of his hand, keeping the gunmen away from her.

Aria nodded and quickly went to the space he took her to and stayed under the bleachers to hide, looking around to see what was happening, tears rolling down her face from the stress and everything that was happening in the gymnasium.



Eui-Tae followed her in and, the moment he saw the tears, pulled her into a hug. His arms wrapped around her and he set his chin on the top of her head. "It's okay, you're okay." He soothed in a deep, warm voice. His eyebrows furrowed as he listened to the gunshots from outside of the bleachers.



Hyo saw a gun that was aimed at Aiyana, as quickly as he could he ran over to them and ran past the panicking students, then shooting something at the gun, the AK-47 fell to the ground as shattered pieces of ice. He continued shooting sharp pieces of ice out of his hand as he needed while Aiyana tried to choke the man who probably planned this whole thing.

"Why did this have to happen of all days? What's the need to go shoot a bunch of people? What did they do to them?" She asked tears still streaming down her face. She still felt comfort but for some reason, she felt another presence near her and where they were at, but it wasn't Eui-Tae. The room suddenly felt cold, like that day in the classroom. She tried looking up to see if someone was there, and saw the figure with red eyes near them. She turned her head back, not wanting to see whatever the dark figure was. "And now I keep seeing random things with red eyes?! I don't know what to do!" She said, trying not to see whatever the thing was.



Aiyana threw the man to the ground as the other got shot with ice shards. She looked over and yelled to Hyo "I'll keep this one here! The authorities will need him, go get the other one!" She yelled to him, looking back to the boy on the ground. He was holding his bloody scalp in his hands, curled up into the fetal position.

Eui-Tae pet her hair, and felt the change in temperature. His breath momentarily hitched at the mention of red eyes. If she saw random things with red eyes, that could only mean one of two things; a poltergeist was in their midst, or Aria was going insane.



"Alright, but don't get shot or your brother will have my head on a damn stick," he replied, then running off to find the third gunmen. He checked everywhere, looking for one of the gunmen wearing a black suit. While looking, he saw a guy wearing a black coat, grabbing his shoulder to see if it was him, seeing it wasn't he continued looking for him, ready to shoot sharp blades of ice at him when he found the third man.



The third gunman was ducking behind a curtain and letting it fall behind him. He looked around, making sure no one was hiding back there, then noticed a gap in between the bleachers and the wall. He went to the gap to investigate it and ventured inside, where he found Eui-Tae and Aria.



Aria noticed that the temperature went back to normal again, assuming the dark figure left. "I think that thing left.. Whatever it was.. Every time it appears the temperature drops for some reason. It's really strange.." She said to him quietly, starting to calm down a bit, not knowing a gunman was in the room with them.



"Yeah.. Don't worry about it. We can worry about it after we make it out of here." Eui-Tae said, hearing the footsteps behind him. He craned his head to see a boy in a black suit pulling out a gun. His eyes widened and he released Aria, taking two steps towards the guy and decking him with a sharp uppercut to his jaw. The gunman fell backwards because of the blow and released the gun, but not before shooting. The shooter's head cocked back and, at this motion, his finger pulled the trigger of the gun. The bullet lodged in Eui-Tae's side and knocked him to the ground because of the close proximity of the shot. The gun clattered to the ground between the two boys, both groaning in pain.



Aria's eyes widened, seeing Eui-Tae fall to the floor from being shot. Realizing that the gunman could get up and shoot them even more, she ran to the middle of them and grabbed the gun, trying her best to aim at the guy in case he got up. She didn't know what to do if he got up, hoping it'll just scare him.



The guy did, in fact, get up. He cracked his neck and gave Aria a peculiar look. "What are you planning to do with that? You don't have the balls to shoot me." He said simply with a smirk



Aria realized she had to not break down or freak out. She aimed the gun at him and glared at him. "Of course, I'm a female," she replied, keeping on a brave face so she didn't end up dying along with Eui-Tae. She didn't want to shoot anyone, but if he took a step or tried doing something she had to. She kept the gun aimed at him, trying his best to be ready to shoot at any time.



He ironically laughed and kicked Eui-Tae's foot, causing him to roll onto his good side. He took a couple of steps towards Aria. "Give me back my gun, you freak." He said, beginning to get irritated.


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