Roleplay Recap 12 (Offical Plot)

GracieLazyCrazy2115Hyo heard loud noises in the hall. Assuming Aiyana transformed into something so she could try to break down the door, he knew it wouldn't work. If it was the poltergeist that was causing the doors to not open, it wouldn't open no matter what they tried. He then realized if it's a poltergeist causing trouble, he could try to find what its spirit was attached to and try to burn it.    2:03 XMysticFennecX Aiyana morphed back into her human form and patted out her dress, then glaring at the door. She turned and walked back to the gym, then made her way up the stage steps. "The door won't open, it's useless." She sighed. "How the hell are we gonna get out of here?" 2:05 GracieLazyCrazy2115"I think it's the poltergeist messing with the doors. And I think if a poltergeist won't disappear it's attached to something. So we could try finding what it's attached to and destroy it." Hyo replied to Aiyana, but in a low whisper so the students couldn't hear them, and hopefully the ghost wasn't paying attention to his statement.   2:07 XMysticFennecX "How would we go about finding it?" Aiyana questioned, her eyebrows furrowed as she tilted her head. She didn't want to be helplessly stuck in here for the next two days.   2:13 GracieLazyCrazy2115 "I don't know exactly. It could be a decoration or something in the room. Why would the spirit be haunting in this room exactly? It would have to be an object in this room." He replied, looking around for objects that looked old. 2:16 XMysticFennecX Aiyana nodded and raked her gaze across the room. "The poltergeist is from the victorian era, too, from what she's wearing. It must be something old." She pointed out, turning around and walking forward to look behind the curtains. 2:22 GracieLazyCrazy2115 "That actually makes sense. The theme of homecoming was supposed to be Victorian era, so whatever the object is would be hidden well.." Hyo replied to Aiyana, also looking around. Hyo started to think that this whole thing was planned. It all started making sense to him. Thoughts wandered through his head as he checked the back of decorations to see if they were real or not or had a tag. 2:40 XMysticFennecX Eui-Tae sighed at Aria. "What will it wake for you to calm down about my wound? It's nothing, seriously!" He said with a small laugh, which hurt his side. Aiyana spotted the black and white woman again, this time near the curtain. She gave Aiayan a smile, then phased through the fabric. Aiyana's eyes widened. Aria was in there. She immediately turned and started towards the stage steps.  2:43 GracieLazyCrazy2115 "For you to sit down and try to take care of it until we find a way out! You aren't helping! It's just going to start bleeding even more until you lose so much blood you end up dying! Does that not scare you?" Aria replied, sighing in frustration. She was getting upset at the fact he wouldn't listen, even though his life was on the line and he kept losing blood.  2:45 XMysticFennecX "My shirt is tied so tight around it, it's probably already clotted, so I'm not going to bleed out." He gave her a smile and placed his hands on her shoulders, bending down to look her in the eyes. "I'm. Fine." 2:46 GracieLazyCrazy2115 Hyo kept looking, he was about to give up when he noticed the old piano in the corner. He completely forgot about it, but just looked at the "Victorian vase" on top of it. He ran to the piano and looked closely at the details. It wasn't made to look old and didn't have tags or stickers on it. His eyes widened in shock as he might have found what the item was. He started to look for Aiyana, ready to tell her he might have found the item. "Aiyana! I found it!" He shouted, halfway across the gym. He found the object, but now he needed to figure out how to destroy it. He didn't have any ideas, but how violent Aiyana was he knew she would have a few ideas.  3:13 XMysticFennecX Aiyana whipped around to look towards the stage, stopped in her tracks. She looked back towards the curtain and bit her lip before turning back to the stage and running there as fast as she could in heels. She bustled up the steps, somewhat out of breath.   3:15 GracieLazyCrazy2115 "I might of found the item.we can destroy. But I don't know how to do it. You're the violent one here. Any ideas?" He asked, staring at the piano while trying to figure out how to destroy it any way possible.   3:24 XMysticFennecX Aiyana furrowed her eyebrows at the instrument and narrowed her eyes. It didn't look like they could do anything, except for drop it from a high place. And there was no way to do that. An idea struck her, marshmallows coming to mind. "We could set it on fire! And then roast some marshmallows!' She said with a wide grin, her hands latched behind her back.   3:28 GracieLazyCrazy2115 "Smart, but do you have matches and lighter fluid? I doubt anyone here brought it along unless they wanted to set random shit on fire." he responded. He looked up and saw the chandelier, hoping a decorator left matches and a lighter somewhere, but the chandelier had fake candles, as "it was too dangerous to have real ones." 3:33 XMysticFennecX "No, but someone here has got to have some kind of affinity for fire." She pointed out, then said. "Nevermind about that, we can't alert the others.." She trailed off, looking towards the floor in deep thought.   3:36 GracieLazyCrazy2115 "You think you're fine but it'd give me a peace of mind if you stop moving around. You don't know if it's bleeding or not, so you could be dying as we speak!" Aria replied, sighing in frustration. Just sit down and rest, and I'll stop freaking out." she said to him. She then felt the temperature drop and saw the poltergeist again. "Can you transform into anything that sets stuff on fire?" Hyo asked, remembering her ability to transform into different animals, and she might be able to transform into animals with abilities to set things on fire.  3:42 XMysticFennecX Eui-Tae paid no mind to the temperature change. He released Aria's shoulders and straightened his back. "So if I sit down, you'll calm down?" He asks, to double check.   3:46 GracieLazyCrazy2115 "Yes, I will. Just sit down and don't do anything, if you're injured moving around will make it worse," she replied, nodding. She saw the poltergeist but didn't want to pay attention to it so she wouldn't freak out more.   3:48 XMysticFennecX He Nodded and turned, starting towards the chair. If it would calm her down, he'd do it. Besides, he was admittedly a little bit light headed.   3:55 GracieLazyCrazy2115 "Thank you," Aria replied, closing her eyes for a moment to try to forget about the poltergeist.  3:56 XMysticFennecX The poltergeist made her way to Eui-Tae, never breaking eye contact with Aria. Eui-Tae sat down and said "Happy?" With a bit of a smile. Then the poltergeist begins the hallucination as she bends down to rest her head on the boy's shoulder, bringing one elegant hand to the other. She looks at Eui-Tae, then back at Aria, and with a devilish smirk she lightly blows on Eui-Tae's cheek. His eyes widen in pain as he lets out a blood-curdling scream. His cheek melts inwards as the rims of the hole catch on fire. As the poltergeist lifted herself and the fire spread and Eui-Tae became engulfed in flames, a little giggle echoed throughout the space. Aiyana looked around to make sure no one was watching them, then morphed. She grew bigger, multiple tons bigger to be exact. She flapped her large ears, now an elephant. She took one step forward and swung her trunk at the piano and flipped it onto it's side, then flipped again so it would be face down on the ground.   4:15 GracieLazyCrazy2115 Aria opened her eyes again when she heard a scream which sounded like Eui-Tae. She quickly opened her eyes, only to see Eui-Tae being burned alive. She screamed from the site and started crying when she saw him, not knowing it was a hallucination. She didn't know how he was being burned alive. Thoughts ran through the scared girl's head. Who targeted him? How did it happen? Was it the thing with the black eyes? Did the gunmen try setting him on fire? Why did he suddenly catch on fire so quickly? She fell down to the floor and hugged her knees, scared to do anything.  4:22 XMysticFennecX Aiyana pressed one large, stumped foot onto the piano and pressed her weight on it. The wood cracked and the backboard halved, the nails popping out and releasing the board. This event caused the poltergeist's head to snap in the direction of the stage. The evil being let out a terrifying shreik as she faded from Aria's view and Eui-Tae returned to normal. He got out of the chair, his eyebrows furrowed in concern for Aria. "What's wrong?! Why are you screaming?! Are you okay?!" He shot rapid fire questions.  4:27 GracieLazyCrazy2115 Aria opened her teary eyes, seeing Eui-Tae, but he wasn't being burnt. He was perfectly fine, besides the fact he was shot on his side. "It's nothing.." she responded, getting up and wiping the tears from her eyes, trying to make sure he doesn't worry about anything and it ends up making his injuries worse.   4:31 XMysticFennecX He ignored her response and walked towards her, immediately hugging her tightly. His breath was even and he lightly pet her hair. He didn't know why she suddenly got so upset, but he wanted to help.  4:33 GracieLazyCrazy2115 Hyo noticed the poltergeist. It could attack at any moment. He questioned how the two were going to fight a ghost, and if they did, would they succeed? Not to mention if Aiyana is injured her brother will kill him. He immediately got ready to defend Aiyana, setting up an ice barrier around her in case the poltergeist tried attacking her.  4:46 XMysticFennecX Aiyana's eyes widened when she saw the ice. She morphed back to a human so she could speak. "What the hell, Hyo?!" She banged on the ice with her fist. 4:53 GracieLazyCrazy2115 "The ghost noticed you fucked up the piano!" Hyo shouted, getting annoyed that she was trying to break the ice. "I'm trying to make sure it doesn't kill you, so you should be grateful!" he also shouted, observing everything in case the ghost attacked. 4:56 XMysticFennecX "I can handle myself, jackass!!" She yelled and banged on the ice some more. She kicked off one of her heels and picked it up. She stabbed the heel of it through the ice in three places, to weaken it. 5:08 GracieLazyCrazy2115 "Your brother told me to protect you! You not dying is apart of my job, you know!" He yelled back, forming another ring outside the other one so she wouldn't fight the ghost and end up killing herself in the process. "I'm fine! Just sit back down, you aren't fine because you got shot about an hour ago!" she responded, trying to get it through his thick skull he was sick and could die. Truthfully, she wasn't fine. She was disturbed and traumatized by what she just saw. She wanted to hug him and be comforted, but she couldn't. She had to stay strong no matter what happened.  5:21 XMysticFennecX "And I won't die!" Aiyana yelled, back, unbeknownst to the poltergeist that had appeared behind her in the space her elephant morph had left. The breath caught in Aiyana's throat as she dug another hole in the ice with her shoe. She bit her lip with furrowed eyebrows; why couldn't she breath? She released the footwear and rubbed at her throat with her hand, trying to be able to restore air to her lungs. Eui-Tae sighed, but didn't move. He didn't say anything else, either, just hugged her tighter.   5:31 GracieLazyCrazy2115 Aiyana was usually loud and wouldn't shut up, for some reason she stopped talking. "Aiyana?" He asked her name, making sure she was still there, but she didn't answer. He then realized the poltergeist might have been inside the barrier with her. He quickly took the two barriers down and shot the poltergeist with ice shards coming out of his hand, only for it to be hit once and disappear."Just please sit down! I'm fine, just sit down and rest!" Aria responded. She wanted to move so she could move him, but couldn't from being hugged tightly. With this issue, she was unable to move him anywhere safely.      XMysticFennecX He sighed and sat down on the floor, pulling Aria down with him. His knees were up and on either side of her as he was leaning forward to continue to hug her.Aiyana sucked in her breath greedily, her lungs burning from being deprived of oxygen. She leaned forward to recompose herself, then straightened her back. She morphed into a wolf, immediately snarling once she took the animal's form.The poltergeist appeared again in front of Aiyana. It seemed to be targeting her, since she fucked it's shit up. The air around it seemed to distort as Aiyana charged towards it, mouth open. She jumped, prepared to bite it, but just phased through the demonic entity. She landed and turned around with a snarl, the ghost still unharmed and floating there. Aiyana was about to jump again, but got thrown back midair. 6:04 GracieLazyCrazy2115 Hyo immediately ran in front of Aiyana and started throwing ice blades at the poltergeist, keeping it away from Aiyana and trying to make himself the target 6:08 XMysticFennecX The poltergeist expected it this time and was prepared. The ice phased through the spirit and it grinned devilishly. It flicked it's right wrist, causing a guitar one of the musicians used to throw itself at Hyo. 6:12 GracieLazyCrazy2115 Thinking off the bat, Hyo formed a strong sword made out of ice with his hands, causing the guitar to break in half. He then threw the sword at the poltergeist to distract that. "Aiyana! You have to finish destroying the fucking piano!" He yelled, still fighting the poltergeist. 6:24 XMysticFennecX Aiyana ignored this and bolted around Hyo and jumped at the poltergeist one more time. This time, she got suspended in air. She snarled at the poltergeist and the two flew into the air. The poltergeist flew with Aiyana to the height of the chandeliers, then dropped her. Aiyana was ready. She quickly shifted into a hawk and shrieked as she rounded. 6:25 GracieLazyCrazy2115 Aria didn't know what to do or what to say, so she just stayed there, frozen. "Why doesn't she fucking listen?" He said to himself. He gave up on her trying to figure it out herself and started attacking the poltergeist, trying to get it's attention away from Aiyana. 6:53 XMysticFennecX Aiyana circled the poltergeist, somewhat under her. She heard a loud cracking and looked up. She was about to pass one of the chandeliers, and it was already on it's way down. It fell on top of Aiyana and pushed her down to the ground with it. She crashed to the ground with it shattering on top of her, crystal shards raining down with it's breaking. 6:53 XMysticFennecX The students had all moved out of the way in time before Aiyana crashed to the ground, so none of them were harmed, but an audible gasp erupted from them. GracieLazyCrazy2115 Hyo was very concerned for Aiyana. And very annoyed by the ghost's actions. His body then started morphing into a dark blue dragon. Once he finally transformed into his dragon form, he smashed the piano with his tail, trying his best to break it. After a few tries, he succeeded but also damaged the floor a bit. It didn't matter though, as the poltergeist was gone.  8:11 XMysticFennecX Aiyana pucked herself up from the many shards and shook her feathers free of them. She could feel come scratches on her wings and belly as she took off to the stage, leaving the remnants of the chandelier behind.  8:17 GracieLazyCrazy2115 Once the ghost disappeared, Hyo ran, following Aiyana to make sure she was alright.  8:19 XMysticFennecX She landed on the stand and morphed back human, her head held high. She brushed the last of the shards from her dress lightly, as to not tear the fabric, and went to pick up her shoe.  8:29 GracieLazyCrazy2115 Hyo finally caught up to Aiyana and examined her arms. "Are you alright? Did you get any glass in your skin?" Hyo asked her. He was concerned if she was alright or not. When she got hurt, usually he was concerned but for some reason, he was more concerned than usual and didn't know why.  8:32 XMysticFennecX "If it did I can get it out later." She said and gave him a smile, unembarrassed by the fact that she just got RKO'd by a chandelier. The poltergeist was gone, and that was all that mattered.  8:35 GracieLazyCrazy2115 "We need to take you to the hospital in case you get infections from the glass." he responded, he had a concerned look on his face, still worried if Aiyana was alright or not.  8:40 XMysticFennecX "I can just clean the cuts with peroxide once I get back to my room." She said calmly, already on her way to pick up the mic. She picked it up and turned it back on. Students were watching her with wide eyes. "The doors are open now, you can all leave freely.! Take the injured to the nurse and the staff of doctors; the cops will come if you take them to hospitals, and that means your identities as supernaturals would run the risk of being compromised. The school will handle it." She spoke as if she knew what the school would do. She didn't. She shut back off the mic and set it down, then turned back to Hyo. "Ready to go..?"  8:45 GracieLazyCrazy2115 Hyo widened his eyes and remembered Eui-Tae and Aria. He shook his head and ran to the curtains behind the bleachers, only to see the two asleep on the floor. He looked at Eui-Tae's side and noticed that the blood started to get to the shirt, assuming he lost a lot of blood.  8:59 XMysticFennecX Aiyana furrowed her eyebrows and took off her other shoe. She held the two in her hand as she started to run after Hyo, then stopped in her tracks. She whipped around to glare at the two injured and fainted gunmen on the floor of the stage. She huffed and put her shoes back on. She then morphed into a normal dragon, except she lacked it's normal attributes and just took on it's form. She picked one of the boys up in her jaws, then tossing him up into the air. She ducked below him so he landed on her back with a thud. She did the same with the other, but heard a grunt from this one when he landed. Aiyana then jumped off the stage and walked through the students, who opened up a pathway for her, to the curtain. She nosed under it, sticking her head on the other side to see what was going on.  9:22 GracieLazyCrazy2115 Aria heard Hyo talking and she woke up. She saw Eui-Tae next to her, and she noticed the blood that went through his shirt. She looked up and saw Hyo. She then started panicking, not knowing what to do. 9:26 XMysticFennecX Eui-Tae's eyebrows furrowed, but he didn't wake up. He had fainted from loss of blood. His side was smeared with the red liquid. 9:30 GracieLazyCrazy2115 Hyo immediately tried grabbing Eui-Tae's arm to pull him up, putting his arm over his head, signaling Aria to help him. She quickly got up and did the same with his left arm. The two then walked out through the curtains, immediately heading out the door to find Aiyana. Hyo immediately tried grabbing Eui-Tae's arm to pull him up, putting his arm over his head, signaling Aria to help him. She quickly got up and did the same with his left arm. The two then walked out through the curtains, finding Aiyana in her dragon form in front of them. "Eui-Tae was shot and we have to get him to a hospital. By the looks of it, he lost a lot of blood." Hyo told Aiyana, thinking of a hospital that was close by the school.  9:37 XMysticFennecX Aiyana shook her head and blew air from her nose. She motioned with her head to the two on her back, trying to communicate the fact that if the cops investigated this, they'd all become test tube monkeys.  9:39 GracieLazyCrazy2115 "Well, where the hell do you want us to take him? He could be dead already!" Hyo responded, getting irritated from trying to figure out where else they could take him.  9:42 XMysticFennecX Aiyana hissed slightly and glanced at her sister, hoping Hyo would get the message. Didn't he hear what she had said on the mic?! The school has it's own staff of doctors and surgeons specifically for this reason! 9:43 GracieLazyCrazy2115 Aria heard his words and started crying again, but wiped her tears with her free arm and tried thinking of a place they could take him to be treated. "Isn't there a hospital or something in the school right?" Aria asked, speaking a bit louder with an uneven tone from crying just now.  9:45 XMysticFennecX Aiyana nodded, giving Hyo a pointed look. She turned and walked to the front double doors, then taking about five minutes to maneuver herself through them.  9:45 GracieLazyCrazy2115 Hyo rolled his eyes, getting the message. To him, it's better to speak the truth and not sugarcoat facts instead of lying and saying he'd be alright when he was unsure if he would or not.  9:51 XMysticFennecX Aiyana got outside and took off, her flapping wings sending powerful gusts of air to the ground. She flew to the headmaster's window, which overlooked the school's garden and was very large. The windows could open and allow shifter students in, or messenger birds. The sun was coming up, so the headmaster was there. Aiyana waiting outside of his window until he noticed her, got up, and came over to open it.  10:04 GracieLazyCrazy2115 Hyo and Aria walked as quickly as possible to the hospital. Aria was a bit lost, but Hyo knew the directions, and thankfully they got there in time.  10:06 XMysticFennecX The headmaster opened the windows and Aiyana flew in, dropping onto the hard wood floor. The headmaster closed the windows again and she moved her tail out of the way, leaning to one side so the two gunmen would fall off of her back. Then, she morphed back into her human form.  10:15 GracieLazyCrazy2115 Once the two walked in the hospital, the hospital took him in and started working on them. Aria and Hyo stayed in the waiting room, waiting for results to know if he was alright or not.  10:20 XMysticFennecX The headmaster looked at the two in a peculiar way, already knowing they were human but not knowing what they were doing here. "Why are two humans on my campus, Miss? And why are you dressed like you're going to a ball.?" He asked, genuinely confused. Aiyana gave him a 'Really?' look. "Because I just CAME from one! And three boys broke into homecoming and opened fire on us students! One of them was taken out, we got these two!! Plus, there was a poltergeist attached to one of the damn pianos you guys got in!" She exploded, furious. How could he act like he didn't even know last night was homecoming?  10:28 GracieLazyCrazy2115 Thoughts ran through Aria's head. Why didn't he listen? Will he be alright? Will he be healthy? she was starting to get a headache, she couldn't breathe properly from crying, and Eui-Tae could be dead for all she knew. She looked down and looked at her jeans, seeing some of his blood on her jeans, which just made her worry more. Hyo sighed, knowing he'd have to comfort her and answer her questions, as he was the only one there. He wondered where Aiyana was, hoping she'd get to the hospital soon so if she did ask something, he wouldn't say the wrong thing and end up traumatizing her more.  10:38 XMysticFennecX The headmaster looked extremely confused. "Homecoming isn't Until next Friday. Are you telling me someone told you that it was yesterday?" Aiyana nodded and he sighed. "On the case of the poltergeist, I apologize. I thought I had everything we brought in inspected, but I guess one slipped by. Was anyone killed in the shooting?" He asked and Aiyana nodded. "Many were injured, I'm not sure how many were killed, but one girl was executed in front of all of us."  10:54 GracieLazyCrazy2115 Hyo sighed, knowing he'd have to comfort her and answer her questions, as he was the only one there. He wondered where Aiyana was, hoping she'd get to the hospital soon so she could answer questions for Aiyana. "Really? That's terrible. I'll try sending something to the special police and see if they can find out anything. Thank you for telling me and sending me the attackers. Did anyone bring the injured to the hospital? And have you contacted the principle yet?" He asked, writing an email to the police as she spoke to him.  11:06 XMysticFennecX "I know Kim (?) Eui-Tae was sent to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the side, critical condition. Lost a lot of blood. There were about fifteen to twenty more injured, though they got some sort of medical attention from students with healer powers, so they shouldn't be as bad. I haven't contacted the principal yet, because I assumed this issue should go straight to the headmaster." Aiyana explained seriously.  11:16 GracieLazyCrazy2115 The headmaster nodded, once he wrote down everything he sent the email. "Alright, thank you for contacting me. You can head home if you'd like, I'll take care of everything else." He responded, starting to file reports. Aria woke up, still in the waiting room. She shuffled awkwardly in her chair, remembering last nights events. She started wondering how Eui-Tae was, she didn't remember any nurses walking in the room last night, so she wondered if they did come and she didn't remember it. She sighed and closed her eyes, wishing this would all be over.