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Aurelia "Lia" Bellamy Blackstrom is a 17 year old Shadowhunter apart of the old and proud Blackstrom family who attends Springsville Institute.


Not much is known about Lia's past and her family, other than the fact that they disapprove of Leah's friendships or romantic relationships with people other than Shadowhunters.


Lia is intelligent, strict, powerful, and she tries to follow all of her parents' orders. Lia is also arrogant and wants everything to go her way. She tells the truth, is loyal and keeps her word, and she will always speak out against her word. Lia is honorable and compassionate, and although she is very practical, skeptical, and over ambitious, Lia truly is a good friend.


Photo-Umbrakinesis: Lia can manipulate the forces of light and darkness.

Illusion Manipulation: Lia can cast powerful illusions, such as make a pencil look like a dagger.

Regenerative Healing Factor: Like all Shadowhunters, Leah can heal quickly when injured.

Supernatural Condition: Due to Lia being part angel, she exceeds the health of mortals and other supernatural species.

Alchemy: Due to Lia being part angel, she can manipulate some aspect of Aether. The power that she got was Alchemy, meaning that she can transfigure an object.