Axel Symonds is a 16 year old modified human with a metal left arm, from the future.


All through his life in the future, Axel's technopathic power barely showed but when he was in a fire and his left arm had to be amputated, his father stepped in and used some of the latest technology available and made Axel and metal arm which also fully awakened his powers. Testing the arm out a week, Axel accessed a ability that would soon destroy itself, time travel, time travelling back to January 2017. Heading for the only place he knew that would look after him, Axel found his way to Springsville.


Technopathic: He has minor Technopath powers without his metal arm and with, has stronger and major Technopath powers.

Metal arm powers: His metal arm is four time stronger than his normal one and has many programs with many different functions.