Kesia "Kes" Marie Jacobs is a 15 year old Telluri who attends Springsville Institute.


In Kesia's family, there had never been a single Telluri. Her mother being a Weatherweaver and her father being a Diamondkinetic, their powers had mashed together to create Kesia's abilites. Although Telluries are incredibly rare, Kesia's power could change the fate of the war if she wanted it to - for either good or bad.


Kesia is an intelligent, yet playful girl who showcases acts of bravery in random, albeit important moments. Kesia knows when to investigate and when not - even when both of the options could cost Kesia her life.


Terraportation: Kesia can teleport using the Earth's elements.

Terrakinesis: Kesia can manipulate the terrain around her, and narrowly change the ecosystem and environment by changing a mountain into an ocean or something of that sort.

Geokinesis: Kesia can manipulate the Earth's elements such as minerals, particles, and plants.


Audrey Johnson: Kesia and Audrey share a dorm, and are friends who are trying to figure out how to control their powers and stop Desdemona both.