/Kim Eui-Tae is a 16-year old elf who attends Springsville Institute. He is apart of the nine who are journeying to defeat Desdemonda.


Kim had a pretty happy childhood, his parents raised him to have fun and not stress about things. This lead Kim to loving manga and anime. At thirteen, his parents sat him down and talked to him about his supernatural abilities and that a few years later, he started to become a student at Springsville.


Kim is intelligent when it comes to school and also a lover of anime and manga. Kim is defensive when it comes to things he enjoys, and is also caring. However, he is also narrow-minded. Kim does what is good without bias and is devoted to helping others. Kim likes to make a good first expression and can always make people feel important.


Summoning: Kim can transport a person, creature, or object of choice to him in a matter of minutes if he concentrates. However, he cannot summon entities and Kim must know what he is summoning.

Telekinesis: Kim can move objects\matter with his mind. However, he cannot move magic-based objects and he can only move objects within 5 yards of where he is standing.

Nature Channeling: Kim can channel nature and can project and manipulate mystical\arcane energy.

Esoteric Energy Manipulation: Kim can manipulate the esoteric energy that causes a physical effect on himself, an object, or a person who can also effect the environment.

Invisibility: Kim can make himself unseen by the naked eye. However, he can only do it during the daytime and he has to concentrate to stay invisible for a long time.





  • His zodiac sign is a Libra.
  • He has read over 120 mangas and still counting.
  • Secretly, he loves the color pink.
  • Kim Eui-Tae is portrayed by Lee Jong Suk.
  • He is afraid of Squrrels