Lucy Crookvile is a goddess that tends to look 16, a daughter of the Greek god Ares and the Australian Aboriginal goddess Birrahgnooloo. She is a goddess of war, floods, fertility and beauty.


A long time ago in 400BC, a massive war between two Aborignal tribes happened, invoking a god not from their part of the world, Ares. Ares participate in the war and when it finished, the goddess Birrahgnooloo came up to him and soon they had a child, the child naming herself Leda in Greek and Nioka in Aboringal. When the modern ages came around, the child of Ares and Birrahgnooloo renamed herself to something more modern, Lucy, and went to where beings like her could live, apart of two Pantheons but none at the same time, Sprinvile.


War Goddess Powers: Because she is a war goddess, Lucy knows how to use any weapon, summon any weapon, cause people to start and end fights and knows every type of fighting.

Flood Goddess Powers: Lucy can cause floods, control water and make rainstorms.

Nature Goddess Powers: Being a goddess of fertility, Lucy can make plants grow, talk to plants, turn into animals, talk to animals and travel from plant to plant.

Childbirth Goddess Powers: Another aspect of being a goddess of fertility, Lucy can tell if someone is pregnant, how long they are pregnant for, if they are fertile, cause someone to become pregnant easier, know how to treat someone in labour and more.

Beauty Goddess Powers: Lucy can change her's and other people's appearance, clothes and makeup. She also knows how to make someone look their opinion of beauty.


Lucy tends to normally look like Taylor Marie Hill.