Suga gif

Height: 5'11

Relations: None known to the story yet

Weight: 143 lbs

Race: Korean

Eye color: Dark blue

Hair color: Mint greenish blue

Skin color: Pale

How does he/she dress?: He wears a lot of black and is usually dressing pretty edgy.

Habits: He tends to mouth off without thinking.

Hobbies: Excercising, being with close friends, teasing people.

Favorite sayings:

Ability: He has the soul of an ancient dragon, Kin-hyun, residing in him. In return for letting the beast's soul remain, he is allowed to tap into it's powers.

Greatest flaw: Short temper.

Best quality: Protectiveness.

Introvert or extrovert?: A bit of both

Fear: Being forced to do something.

Judgmental of others?: Jokingly, yes, but seriously, no.

Generous or stingy?: Stingy

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