Naia Melody is 13 year old half mermaid who attends Springsville Institute.


Naia's parents met like the way you think someone would love a mermaid, because of her mother's looks. Her mother stayed human as long as she could after Naia was born and once Naia turned 15, her mother took Naia to the Springsville Institute For the Gifted.


Naia is very curious and loves to use her powers. She is also very nice to everyone and extremely helpful.


Mermaid powers: Naia can can grow her fish tail and grow her feet back in place of her fish tail whenever she wants and when she isn't, she can breath underwater and swim as deep as she could as a mermaid, which is however deeps she wants.

Marine creature understanding: Naia can talk to any marine creature and even understand a few human languages.

Minor Hydrokinetics: Naia can move small amounts of water with her mind.

Siren Song: Naia can charm anyone, but her charm works better on males.