Natsoloue is a 17 year old Fijian girl that was picked by the ocean to protect the world


Natsoloue grew up on a island for from the main island of Fiji, helping every living thing. The kindness that would lead to the ocean choosing her to use its power to protect the world was just a little act of helping a turtle stuck in fishing line from tourist while fishing with her father. She saw the turtle and dived down to help it without her father's authority. She was the next in line of chiefs of the island until a massive storm struck the island and she was swept out to sea while helping villagers. The ocean helped her, keeping her alive and taking her to another island. This island was a island off the coast of New Zealand. While she was in the ocean, it granted her powers over air, water and so other things. She started to see what she could do on this island before she took off again, trying to get back to her island but the ocean had other plans. It took her to America where it shot her up in the air and the wind took her to Springville.


Air manipulation: Being chosen by the sky, Natsoloue can control air and anything to do with the sky

Water manipulation: Being chosen by the ocean, she can control water and anything to do with the ocean

Tattoo manipulation: Being that tattoos are an important part of her culture, the Ocean gave Natsoloue the ability to make tattoos on people, animate tattoos, infuse power into tattoos and make tattoos into real life objects.