Just because I'm half-demon doesn't mean I'm a grumpy old pessimist, like my lovely brother Theo here.

Noelle Santiago

Noelle Santiago is an 18 year old non-binary cambion who currently attends Springsville Institute and is applying for a seat on the Supernatural Council.


In the midst of his and Theo's mother's marriage, Theo's father had cheated on her with another woman: a mortal one, in fact, which resulted in Noelle's birth. Noelle's mother had died soon after Noelle's birth, which caused Noelle's mother to send them up to the North to a branch of the Rivera family, which were sacred keepers of the supernatural family. By the time they were 11, Noelle had attended their first year at Springsville Institute, and learned how to manage their powers.


Noelle is a naturally optimistic person, with frequent outbursts in Spanish and general kindness. Noelle is rarely sarcastic, and is a rise and shine person, waking up at the crack of dawn. Noelle isn't one to hold grudges, and has a love of baking. Noelle is protective of her loved ones, and not afraid of dying for them. Noelle is loyal to Springsville, as well as hardworking, dedicated, patient, and imaginative.


Astral Manipulation: Noelle can manipulate astral energy by sending astral blasts, either by beam, ball, or hand. Noelle can also separate their spirit from her body, plant suggestions into others using astral means, receive visions of the future using astral projection, see overlapping dimensions, and trap astral beings.

Molecular Combustion: Noelle can speed up molecules, which causes the target to explode.

Force-Field Generation: Noelle can generate force-fields to appear around a target that is within five yards of them, also trapping them within force fields and causing magic to bounce off of them.


Theo Santiago-Ramos: Theo is Noelle's younger half-brother and Noelle would do anything to protect him. Although they are polar opposites, Theo cherishes his sister's advice and Noelle cherishes Theo's companionship.



  • Noelle is a Virgo.
  • Noelle's faceclaim is Gina Rodriguez.
  • Noelle is the only cambion yet revealed in the school.