Renee Winters is a 16 year old demigod who attends Springsville Institute For the Gifted.


Nothing is known about Renee, apart from her father is the Egyptian God Sobek. Also the fact that her hair changed color to what it is now once Sobek claimed her as his daughter. Renee was born in Cairo and lived in Florida until she came to Springsville Institute For the Gifted.


Renee is very curious, attacking anything that isn't anything Renee doesn't like. She also tends to give people lots of nicknames and acts a lot like a crocodile, laying out in the sun for ages and creeping up on people.


  • Hydrokinetics: Renee can control all types of water and even make river water flow from any part of her body. Underwater, she can also stay dry and what she is touching if she wants.
  • Super Strength: Being that Sobek was considered a God of strength, Renee has super strength.
  • Shapeshifting: Renee can turn into any type of crocodile and gain certain aspects of a crocodile of her choosing, such as sharp claws, crocodile eyes or scaly skin.
  • Crocodile Powers: While human, Renee can understand any crocodile, smell better, sense vibrations better and stay underwater longer.


At Springsville

  • Gray Pierce: She has a massive crush on him but will be open for experimenting before she makes her move.
  • Axel Symonds: She wants to get to know him better so she can find out as much as she can about her and Gray and also find out what her and Gray's kids look like.



  • Before she dyed her hair and her father claimed her, it was naturally blonde.
  • When her cousin, Summer, changes her age, Renee looks exactly like Summer but with green (now purple) hair.
  • She recently dyed her hair purple to get Gray Pierce's attention more often.
  • Her favourite colour is green.
  • She is currently portrayed by Ariela Barer.
  • There is a small amount of people that know Renee is actually a middle child of two sisters.
    • Even smaller amount of people know she is an auntie to both of her sisters' children.
  • Renee is the best singer in her family and is better than she makes people believe.