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Reyna "Rey" Abacon Mendoza is a Grecian-Filipino demigod who is the daughter of Selene and attends Springsville Institute.


Not much is known about Rey's backstory, other than when she was 11 years old, she got claimed by Selene and was sent to Springsville. There, she met and became friends with Sora Andrews and Leah Hawthorn.


Rey is brave, selfless, and imaginative, although she easily shuts down practical ideas. Rey is curious, kind, and sometimes naive, as well as restless and independent. Rey is open-minded, cheerful, and communicative, although she can be emotionally hard to reach.


Lunar Manipulation: Rey can manipulate the aspects of the moon.

Lunar Empowerment: Rey gets more powerful at night, when the moon is out. She gains strength from the moon.

Lunakinetic Combat: Deva can use lunar energy in combat.


Lia Blackstrom: Lia was Rey's first friend at Springsville. They initially met when Lia was patrolling the hallways. Although Lia found Rey strange at first, Rey and Lia became friends due to Rey loosening Lia up and making her more laid-back, which is a trait not most Shadowhunters have. Lia is now one of Rey's best friends.

During their friendship, Rey discovered her sexuality. She came out to Lia, then began to frequently flirt with the red-headed Shadowhunter. Lia, after all of her initial blushing, began to subtly flirt back, which started a slight romantic friendship between the two. Rey and Lia both have romantic feelings for each other, yet deny it, because they are too afraid to say anything to the other.

Sora Andrews: Sora's is one of Rey's best friends. They bonded over methods of combat, being considered a 'downworlder' to Shadowhunters, and the how to release the fun side of Lia and erase her strictness. Rey constantly talks to Sora about her feelings for Lia, Sora being her trusted confidant.



  • Rey is currently portrayed by Shay Mitchell.