Sophie Pierce is a 26 year old member of the Supernatural counsel, learning the once abilities of her family, and her own abilities. She was once a student at Springsville and now lives by the school.


Sophie was the first born child of the Pierce family, born with a special gift that would surface later on in her life. When he gift finally showed up, she was kissing a boy when she was in the boy's position then right back into her position. She told her grandfather about what happened because he had told her stories about her family that they have been gifted with things like that. He told her parents and they then enrolled her in Springsville. Being there, she learnt about her family's history and what they could once do, learning how to use that power and her own. Soon she graduated and started helping out with the school, bringing people in that were worthy enough to go to the school. Soon she was on the Supernatural counsel, representing people with powers.


Even though her family is accepting about her and Gray dating any species, Sophie hides her true sexuality from all her family, knowing the none of them would like finding out she just doesn't like boys. Apart from the massive secret she is hiding, Sophie is really caring about other people's feelings, mainly because she has been in many different bodies.


Magic: Learning her family ability, she can cast several different variations of magic, including demon and wizard magic.

Psyche Swapping: On physical contact, Sophie can swap bodies with people, the other person still being in their own body and her body just being dormant until Sophie gives it a command, and she can also borrow other people's powers and see memories from the person's perspective when she does have physical contact.


  • Each time Sophie swaps bodies, her eyes will go a shade of purple and at current moment, they are violet.
  • She tends to bring in new people to Sprinville when she has days off from teaching.
  • Sophie teaches Magic, History of Supernaturals and she helps new students with using their powers.
  • Every since finding out about what Desdemona could do, when Sophie was at school, she has been trying to learn all forms of magic