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Sora Andrews is a 17-year old Mortal Slayer from Anaheim who attends Springsville Institute and is part of the six who are journeying to defeat Desdemonda.


Not much is known about Sora's past, other than the fact that at a very young age she killed a rogue vampire due to the crucifix that she was wearing. After that, she was called to be a slayer by the Supernatural Council.


Sora is polite with strong opinions, as well as direct, mature, practical, even-tempered, self-contained, self-willed, self-conscious and can tell if someone's lying. Sora is observant, loyal, patient, careful, and is constantly misunderstood.


Weapon Creation: Because of her title as the slayer, Sora is able to create weapons to use against demons by dropping them in holy water. Although, she cannot create just holy weapons.

Enhanced Senses: Sora has better hearing, sight, taste, touch, and smell since she is the slayer. Sora also has enhanced speed, strengh, and combat.





  • Sora was portrayed by Jamie Chung, but is now portrayed by Arden Cho.
  • Sora is the first slayer in 300 years, and the only one not to have a relationship with a witch/warlock.
  • Sora's a Capricorn.
  • Sora's weapon of choice is an oak stake.
  • Sora's name means 'sky' in Korean.