Springsville Institute is a boarding school that specializes in people with supernatural powers, which includes Slayers, Vampires, Witches, and et cetera. The current headmaster of the school is Damon Oakin, a 39 year old incubus.


In 1290, Fiona Kaellin, a beta werewolf who was with her pack, got lost on the way to their safe haven. She found a coven of witches praying and chanting to ensure the safety in a deserted plot of land. When Fiona came upon them, she swore to them that they would be safe with the protection of her pack. The pack begrudgingly agreed, and with the two species co-existing, thus came along demigods, vampires, and shadowhunters, all looking for a sanctuary so they could hide from the human world. Over time, the older witches started teaching the younger ones how to control their powers, same with every other species. With the witches construction, the plot of land became a prestigious institute where thousands of supernatural creatures came to learn about themselves.