Summer Winters is the 9 year old cousin of Renee Winters, that can change her and other's ages.


Summer was born in Florida and was named by Renee as a joke but Summer's parents liked the name. Everything else is unknown about Summer.


Summer acts like any 9 year old, when she is one, and is always upbeat and happy. Summer tries to act like the age she changed into, a part of her 9 year old self always showing, which is playing pranks on everyone.


Age changing: Summer can change other's and her age to whatever she wants, other only being able to go ten years younger or older while Summer being able to go any age. When Summer changes someone's age younger, a certain body trait, normally if it is dyed hair, from their normal age will sometimes stay with them, like when Summer using the power on her cousin, Renee will still have green hair.


  • Summer looks exactly like her cousin did when she was 9.
  • She kissed Gray Pierce once while pretending to be Renee.
  • She is not the first one in her family to be able to change her and other's ages.
    • She shares the power with her youngest Winters's cousin and her child.
  • She is portrayed by Mckenna Grace.
  • She can play drums, guitar, piano, violin and sing better than all of her family apart from Renee.