Theodore "Theo" Santiago-Ramos is a 17 year old hellcat and student at Springsville Institute.


Theo's mother and father had met while in the mortal world, outside of Springsville. They had not known that each other were supernatural species, but they didn't tell each other either. They got into a relationship quickly, and were married within a year. They had Theo quickly, and it was only then when they both realized each other's species. Theo originally had pure black eyes and and werewolf ears. They seperated quickly, his mother taking Theo with her, leading to Theo having almost no memories of his father.


Theo is guarded, naturally sarcastic and usually doesn't talk to people unless they interest him. Theo has a fear of getting attached to and then hurting people, and is very argumentative. Theo has strong opinions and is observant, as well as clever and ambitious.


Feline Physiology: Because of Theo being a hellcat, he can use the abilities of felines.

Fire Aura: Theo can surround himself in Fire.

Hell-Fire Manipulation: Theo can manipulate and generate the flames of hell due to his half-demon parentage.

Ice-Fire Manipulation: Theo can manipulate and generate flames so cold that it burns.


Kim Eui-Tae: Eui-Tae is one of the few people that Theo chooses to interact with. Theo is amused by Eui-Tae's fun and happy behavior, as well as his cynical jokes about Desdemona. Theo would consider Eui-Tae an strong acquaintance, if not a friend.

Noelle Santiago: Theo is Noelle's half-brother, and they have a quite a strong relationship. They are protective of each other, although they still do have childish arguments and play idiotic pranks on each other.